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As a CadetFlight has always been an integral part of my life.  I graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1988 with an eye toward flying the fastest, sleekest aircraft in the world.  I did get some flight hours under my belt, but sadly, flying Air Force aircraft didn’t work out for me.  I continued my career in the Air Force for the next 22 years, living in interesting places like Japan, Korea, Johnston Atoll and Germany; and deploying to Italy, Qatar, Iraq and Kuwait.

In IraqLacey Falcone is a penname.  ‘Lacey’ is a call-sign that the fighter pilots in Korea gave me.  The falcon is my university mascot, as well as the designation for the F-16 fighter aircraft that I supported in Korea.  My real name is Jo Anne Pinney.

My imagination was sparked the first time I visited Germany, shortly after I graduated from the Academy.  If you have ever spent time cruising down the Rhein or Mosel rivers, you see amazing castles and castle ruins on the hills above the rivers.  It is easy to transport back in time to imagine tall blonde Germanic warriors and women in flowing dresses living in these castles.  A story started to form in my mind, and I’ve been writing it in my head ever since.  But, while I was on active duty, I just didn’t have time to put pen to paper.  I recently retired from the Air Force and can now dedicate my time to writing my story.

on cruiseI currently live in Germany.  When I am not writing, I enjoy traveling, skiing, scuba diving, hiking and of course, reading.